Professional Issues

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Practice tests available

Practice tests for end-of-year English language arts, performance-based tests for math and practice tests for social studies and science will be available later this month.

Teacher-level value-added training courses available

Teacher-level data will be included as a student growth measure in the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) and the Ohio Principal Evaluation System (OPES). The teacher-level expansion requires teachers each spring to verify the students they provided instruction to during the school year. Training on this roster verification process is available. More information on accessing online Value-Added training courses.

Common Core resources

Three high-quality Common Core resources are now available to support locals and members as they navigate the transition to the new standards. Check them out.

New training modules to help in writing SLOs

To assist educators and principals in writing high-quality student learning objectives (SLOs), the Ohio Department of Education has released a new online module. Find out how this can be helpful.

Resources on Student Growth Measures (SGM)

As districts dive deeper into Student Growth Measures, ODE provides tools for those working at the local level. Business rules address topics such as determining teacher of record, student enrollment and attendance, and data availability. Read the policy on VA measures and FAQs on SGMs.

Ohio’s Educator Standards Board

The Educator Standards Board collaboratively promotes educator quality, professionalism, and public accountability on behalf of the students and citizens of

Ohio. Find out about recent board activity…

New Highly Qualified Teacher Toolkit Available

A new Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) Toolkit is now posted on the Ohio Department of Education website. These materials serve as a guide for Ohio’s school administrators in reporting highly qualified teachers and qualified instructional paraprofessionals. Get the HQT Toolkit