Professional Issues

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Center for the Teaching Profession

The Ohio Department of Education's Center for the Teaching Profession provides information on issues that impact the teaching profession such as licensure, professional development, academic content standards, teaching standards, resident educator information, evaluation, and professional conduct. Learn more.

Criminal background updates required

State law requires holders of permanent certificates and permanent non-tax certificates to complete an updated FBI background check every five years. Find out how to comply.

New Highly Qualified Teacher Toolkit Available

A new Highly Qualified Teacher (HQT) Toolkit is now posted on the Ohio Department of Education website. These materials serve as a guide for Ohio’s school administrators in reporting highly qualified teachers and qualified instructional paraprofessionals. Get the HQT Toolkit

Ohio’s Educator Standards Board

The Educator Standards Board collaboratively promotes educator quality, professionalism, and public accountability on behalf of the students and citizens of

Ohio. Find out about recent board activity…