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Ohio Statehouse Link

Contact your Ohio elected leaders at the Statehouse Link.


Tell Duncan to revoke $71M grant to expand Ohio charters - OFT President Cropper's blog

Ohio's failed charter school program is the laughingstock of the nation. Open any Ohio newspaper (or their websites) and you'll see coverage of scandal, mismanagement, failed academics. Yet the U.S. Department of Education awarded Ohio a $71 million grant to expand charter schools. Read President Cropper's blog, Writing the next chapter, for details. Sign the petition telling the USDOE and Secretary Arne Duncan to revoke the grant.

Educators to McDonald’s: Stop McTeacher’s Nights!

The Ohio Federation of Teachers joined a national coalition of education advocates, including more than 50 affiliates of the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association, to demand an end to McTeacher’s Nights. On McTeacher’s Nights, McDonald’s recruits teachers to “work” behind the counter and serve burgers, fries and soda to their students and their students’ families. A small portion of the proceeds is donated to the school in return.

Visit the AFT Legislative Action Center

Make your views known to those in Congress and state legislatures who represent you on the issues that affect working families every day.  Click here to visit the AFT's Legislative Action Center.

Thank the House Finance Committee for removing attacks on workers' rights

Join us in saying thank you to members of the House Finance Committee for removing anti-union amendments from the budget bill - send them a thank you email.

New pledge aims to tame the testing burden

The growing fixation on testing is crushing the creativity and effectiveness of teachers in the classroom. Thoughtful educators, parents and even policymakers are determined to tame this beast and put testing where it belongs: where it can be used as a diagnostic tool, rather than as a threat hanging over the heads of students and the teachers trying desperately to reach them in more effective, meaningful ways. Sign an online petition.