Professional Issues

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Ohio Standards Advocates provides resources

OFT's collaboration with the Ohio Standards Advocates offers us many resources to help teachers enhance their instruction of Ohio's New Learning Standards. Check out professional learning resources, planning guides, classroom resources and a new weekly email newsletter on the Ohio Standards Advocates website.

ODE seeks participants for validation studies on assessments

It is critical that  practicing classroom teachers participate in validation studies to ensure Ohio Assessments for Educators are credible. OFT is working with ODE to identify teachers willing to participate in validation studies for the new Elementary Reading Assessment and the revised Middle Grades Content Assessments.

RESA assessors needed

It is important that the Resident Educator Program have knowledgeable and experienced assessors in content areas for the Resident Educator Summative Assessment. OFT members are encouraged to participate as assessors. Online training and a small stipend are provided.



    New practice materials, test blueprints available

    With new AIR state assessments coming soon, OFT is gathering and sharing resources to help teachers be better prepared for administering the new tests. The Ohio Department of Education has released new practice materials and test blueprints for teacher review.

    OFT receives clarity on OTES confusion

    OFT recently clarified questions about the new OTES Framework: The new framework changes the automatic trigger for being placed on an improvement plan from student growth to a teacher's summative rating.