Does a 'consistently high performing teacher' exist?

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The Educator Standards Board (ESB) has been tasked with advising the state board of education on creating the definition of a consistently high performing teacher, but we question the validity of any such definition.

It is impossible to create a definition to determine a "consistently high performing teacher" with any fairness or validity. It is insulting to professional educators to suggest that they be exempt from professional learning to renew a license. Even doctors and lawyers consider it a sign of their professional status to keep up with the latest developments that support and inform their practice.  

Three OFT members who sit on the ESB consistently reflect your concerns and ideas. They include Sandy Orth, a member of The Toledo Federation of Teachers, Local 250, as chair, Jeff Cooney, a member of the Oregon City Federation of Teachers, Local 1060, as co-chair, and Jim Wagner, a member of the Cleveland Teachers Union, Local 279.  

OFT is working to make sense of this latest attempt by legislators to control our profession.

The Ohio Revised Code section ORC 3319.22 on standards and requirements for educator licenses - local professional development committees, states the following:

(H) Not later than July 1, 2016, the state board, in accordance with Chapter 119. of the Revised Code, shall adopt rules pursuant to division (A)(3) of this section that do both of the following:

(1) Exempt consistently high-performing teachers from the requirement to complete any additional coursework for the renewal of an educator license issued under this section or section 3319.26 of the Revised Code. The rules also shall specify that such teachers are exempt from any requirements prescribed by professional development committees established under divisions (F) and (G) of this section. 

(2) For purposes of division (H)(1) of this section, the state board shall define the term "consistently high-performing teacher."