What does ESSA mean for OFT members?

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The opportunity
We want students to feel the joy of learning. We want them to experience the arts and explore libraries. 
And we want them to be safe, healthy and prepared to learn. This is the vision for our children and education in Ohio. 
Failed strategies of the past have stifled any semblance of joy from the experience of learning for far too many children.
Now, we have the opportunity to create this vision using the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). 
The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is a new federal law that provides Ohio an opportunity to reject the failed strategies of the past by making changes to improve education. Teachers, parents and community leaders must be included in the process of setting education policies focused on meeting all needs of every child and ending the culture of excessive testing. 
ESSA is perhaps the greatest opportunity of our lifetimes to influence how education is improved. ESSA relies on input from educators, parents and community members interested in improving education for our children. ESSA is a step forward for education - one that puts our children first and provides teachers the support they need to be successful.  
The Every Student Succeeds Act  is our opportunity to improve education for our children. Together we can stand up for change. Because the status quo is failing our children. What is ESSA
Redefining public education
ESSA must truly be a reset of education policies, not a repeat of failed ones. This reset must address that teachers, students and parents have lost trust in the current system, for good reason. A redefinition must focus on creating a system where students want to learn, teachers want to work and are recognized as the instructional leaders, parents are enthusiastic about sending their children and of which the community is proud. 
One key element in making this reset a reality is an end to the culture of excessive testing. Learn more about our priorities for redefining education
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