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National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Check out information about the educational exhibits, tours, discussions and history highlighted by the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Find out how to schedule a class tour or use e-learning projects.

INFOhio Provides Resources for Students, Parents, Educators

INFOhio’s Go Further campaign is designed to prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s success. This collection of resources helps parents and students plan the journey from high school to college and beyond. For educators, INFOhio provides resources for information, media and technical literacy. See what INFOhio has to offer.

Adolescent Literacy

Adolescent Literacy is an online adolescent literacy resource for educators and parents of kids in grades four-12 that connects research and practice relating to adolescent literacy in an accessible and practical way.

American Labor Studies Center

The American Labor Studies Center collects, analyzes, evaluates, creates and disseminates labor history and labor studies curricula and related materials to kindergarten through 12th grade teachers nationwide. Materials cover areas such as the history, organization, activities, and issues affecting the labor movement and the political, economic, and cultural aspects of workers and their unions.

Ohio Resource Center for Mathematics, Science, and Reading (ORC)

The Ohio Resource Center enhances teaching and learning by promoting standards-based best practices in mathematics, science, and reading for Ohio schools and universities. ORC serves as a trusted source of easily accessible, peer-reviewed, high-quality, and effective resources.

Interested in Learning About First Ladies?

The National First Ladies Library and Museum. Ever hear of it? Probably not. It is a very well kept secret that can be found in Canton, Ohio. Originally started by Mary Regula, this little gem is worth the trip. For those of you who would like a good resource on the First Ladies America, the website provides a wealth of knowledge. Visit it at