Professional Resources -- May 20th Update

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OTES Pilot Informational Resource available May

An informational resource to help districts make decisions about the 2019-2020 Ohio Teacher Evaluation System (OTES) pilot will be available on the Department’s OTES Pilot webpage beginning Tuesday, May 14.
This may help to give you a greater understanding of wha the pilot entails and help make a decision as to whether you would like to work with your administration to institute the pilot. Read more on the ODE web page about the pilot.

Professional Conduct Tip Sheet # 9 on Breaking a Contract

The next in a series of Professional Conduct Tip Sheets is out. This tip sheet, Broken Contracts, provides direction to educators on their responsibility to fulfill their employment contracts and when it is permissible to break them.

New Lessons from Share My Lesson 

Use this PBS NewsHour Extra news lesson to help students address the recent school shooting in Colorado. What is the impact of active shooter drills on students and teachers? You can explore this question together and discuss what can be done to stop gun violence in America. For more resources on current events, follow PBS NewsHour Extra and read a column from a teacher on how imperative it is to put an end to gun violence.
Spring can be one of the most frustrating times of the school year for teachers. As the weather changes, your students become restless, unfocused and distracted. Read this newest blog from Julia Thompson for proven strategies like remembering patience is key and using routines to minimize disruptions. Follow Julia Thompson on Twitter and watch her webinar How to Work Successfully with Defiant Students on SML.
Use this collection of free preK-12 lesson plans, videos and activities to promote awareness and celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. Help your students understand the contributions, diverse perspectives and sometimes difficult struggles of Asian Americans throughout U.S. history. For related resources, read this blog or download the Wong Kim Ark Re-Imagining Migration on SML.
We know now that equity isn’t simply a measure of access defined by dollars being spent. To truly achieve a system that is equitable for all students, a school needs a wide array of professionals and resources working together to meet the individual needs of each student. Read more here.