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Poll: Teachers rank No. 2 in overall wellbeing from work satisfaction

Teachers are No. 2 in overall wellbeing, trailing only physicians, in a new Gallup poll. Nevermind media reports that make teaching in America look like a horrible job. Join the conversation on OFT President Melissa Cropper's blog where she discusses whether the poll's findings hold true here in Ohio.

Survey shows America's teachers see key role for unions

A new report makes clear that America's teachers—both union and nonunion—recognize the importance of unions in strengthening the teaching profession and our public schools. Many findings are consistent with what AFT members have been saying for years, that what teachers want most and get least are the tools, time and trust to be better teachers and help their students learn and grow. Read more ...

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 04.17.14

Learn about the most recent attempt to eliminate collective bargaining rights, Mobilization May, a Voter Bill of Rights campaign and more in OFT's e-newsletter.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 3.21.14

Tell your legislator to change teacher evaluations via SB 229 - learn about this and other issues impacting the work of OFT members in this edition of our e-newsletter.


OFT Update (e-newsletter) 1.29.14

And now a few words from our members - OFT President Melissa Cropper

I could explain the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System and the problems it's causing in the classroom, but our members' voices are much more powerful. A must read