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OFT Update (e-newsletter) 11.25.15

What do Ohio's children need in a new state superintendent? We need you to help stop another SB 5-like attack on workers. Plus other information of interest to our members. 

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 11.01.15

OFT endorses Issue 1 for fair redistricting

OFT endorses passage of Issue 1, a ballot measure that would make it harder for politicians to manipulate state legislative districts for partisan gain. Issue 1 would prohibit drawing districts primarily to favor or disfavor a political party and require that districts reflect how voters actually voted. Learn more about Issue 1.

Is reducing testing enough? President Cropper's blog

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 10.20.15

Tell Duncan to revoke $71M grant to expand Ohio charters - OFT President Cropper's blog

Ohio's failed charter school program is the laughingstock of the nation. Open any Ohio newspaper (or their websites) and you'll see coverage of scandal, mismanagement, failed academics. Yet the U.S. Department of Education awarded Ohio a $71 million grant to expand charter schools. Read President Cropper's blog. Tell the USDOE and Secretary Arne Duncan to revoke the grant.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 07.10.15

In their final days of the session, state legislators enacted several measures to dismantle public education. Find out how the state budget and other bills destroy our public schools and attack teachers.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 05.20.15

Act now to tell your senator to support a charter accountability bill and remove attacks on workers' rights from the budget bill. This and more in the OFT Update.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 05.05.15

Cleveland educators fight back against bullying from district leaders, committee recommends fewer tests and safe harbor, and appreciation for the hard work of our members. Read about these issues and more.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 03.31.15

There is a better solution to ensure that our children are learning and thriving than bombarding them with standardized testing. OFT President Melissa Cropper's blog, Writing the Next Chapter, outlines what OFT is doing and what we recommend as next steps - read this and other news in this edition of the OFT Update.