OFT Update - Professional issues 12.6.16

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Timeline change offers Ohio greater opportunity to improve education via ESSA

Changes in the deadline for states to submit implementation plans under ESSA offer Ohio more time to adequately explore opportunities and plan changes to improve education. The Ohio Department of Education now can choose to submit its plan to the U.S. Department of Education by April 3 or Sept 18. OFT is pushing for the later submission date and urging ODE to do another listening tour around its draft plan to get more stakeholder input. Learn more.

OFT members help schools, districts earn state's Momentum Awards

OFT members helped numerous schools and districts earn the state's 2016 Momentum Award. Presented by the state board of education, Momentum Awards recognize schools for exceeding expectations for annual student growth. To be eligible, schools must earn straight As on all value-added measures on the report card  and have at least two value-added student subgroups. Which OFT member schools and districts won?

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