OFT Update - Legislative issues 2.10.17

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State budget detail illuminates true school funding deficit

District-by-district detail of changes in school funding in the proposed state budget show that most schools will receive less money or the same amount at a time when schools across Ohio desperately need increased resources to meet student needs. OFT is seriously concerned that what is being described as a $200 million increase for schools is actually a $277 million cut when all funds to schools - such as changes to the Tangible Personal Property tax - are considered. 

Sen. Portman's decision-making flawed on DeVos

Sen. Rob Portman told ABC 6 he voted for Betsy DeVos for secretary of education because he believed she would support public schools, and her mother was a teacher. Watch the news segment to see how OFT President Melissa Cropper responded.

Avoid solicitation by Protect Ohio's Pensions/POP5

OFT is concerned about a group soliciting our retired members and retirees of other labor unions in Ohio. They want you to pay for their representation with your pension system. You do not need to pay them. Your union already represents you. We meet with STRS, SERS and OPERS so that they are informed about your needs. We urge you to disregard the solicitation. Learn more.

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