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OFT Update - Professional issues 3.21.17

Remember to tell us what professional development you need via a short survey. Understand changes in your licensure process. What's a consistently high-performing teacher? 

OFT Update - 3.19.17

There are decisions being made at STRS you should know about. And in other news ... if you child is heading off to college, he or she could earn $2,000 as a Mooney Scholar.

OFT Update - Legislative issues 2.10.17

State budget detail illuminates true school funding deficit

District-by-district detail of changes in school funding in the proposed state budget show that most schools will receive less money or the same amount at a time when schools across Ohio desperately need increased resources to meet student needs. OFT is seriously concerned that what is being described as a $200 million increase for schools is actually a $277 million cut when all funds to schools - such as changes to the Tangible Personal Property tax - are considered. 

OFT Update - Professional issues 12.6.16

Later deadlines offer Ohio greater opportunity to improve education via ESSA - the Every Student Succeeds Act.  The work of OFT members earns awards for schools, district.