OFT's Georgetown, Crestview earn grant

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Two OFT locals earned a state Straight A grant to enhance professional development in the two rural districts. OFT collaborated with Battelle for Kids and teachers in Georgetown and Crestview to apply for the grant. Ohio’s Straight A Fund supports ideas from local educators that promote academic achievement and economic efficiencies. 
The Straight A Fund focuses on educators who have innovative, workable ideas that could advance student learning, achieve significant funding reductions, reduce administrative overhead — or all three.
The collaborative Straight A project engages educators from two rural districts where teachers are represented by OFT - Crestview in Van Wert County and Georgetown in Brown County. The proposed innovation aims to create a more positive professional learning system based on three design principles: ¬
1.  All participating schools have strong professional learning cultures and team structures where everybody shares responsibility for the success of all students; 
2.  All educators engage in a professional learning process that follows a cycle of continuous professional growth by: using data to understand student strengths/needs and target areas for improvement; creating learning experiences tied to adult needs; making shifts in instructional practice; reflecting on the impact on student learning; and repeating the process as new goals are identified; ¬and
3.  Each educator experiences positive professional learning experiences that are personalized, competency¬-based, collaborative, and focused on reducing variability of within-¬school educator effectiveness. 
The basis of this grant is that professional development is a cornerstone of teacher effectiveness.  Teachers should collaborate to creating professional learning that supports them in their work.  OFT will continue to update all of our members on the lessons learned through this grant.
Check out this article about the grant in the Van Wert Times Bulletin.