Teachers from Toledo, Cincinnati join REA on the picket line

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Members of the Ohio Federation of Teachers today walked with Reynoldsburg teachers on the picket line in their fight against SB 5 tactics to eliminate their rights as workers. Toledo Federation of Teachers President Kevin Dalton and Cincinnati Federation of Teachers President Julie Sellers joined a group of OFT representatives who visited with Reynoldsburg educators picketing at Hannah Ashton Middle School and French Run Elementary School.

"What they are doing to teachers in Reynoldsburg impacts educators and workers in every corner of this state. Efforts to take away workers' rights - like the state tried to do in 2011 with SB 5 - will not be tolerated. We support the Reynoldsburg teachers in their fight against these SB 5 tactics," said OFT President Melissa Cropper, who was among the OFT contingent who walked with Reynoldsburg teachers.

"SB 5 was repealed by 1.2 million voters in 2011. This should have sent a clear message to those in political power that the general public, workers like you and me, will not allow the rights of Ohioans to be eliminated. We will not let our voices be hushed. We stand in solidarity with the Reynoldsburg teachers so that teachers, students, parents and the community have a voice."