Legislators Make Inaccurate Statements About Teachers and Common Core

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In a press conference July 28 state Reps. Matt Huffman and Andy Thompson grossly misstated teachers' opinions of the new Common Core State Standards.

"These legislators clearly do not speak for teachers. They got it all wrong and should retract their misstatements," said Melissa Cropper, president of the Ohio Federation of Teachers, whose members in February approved a resolution supporting Common Core. "It is wrong and unfair for them to mislead taxpayers, reporters and parents with this false information."

Contrary to their statements, teachers in Ohio and nationwide support the Common Core as a better way of teaching and learning. Earlier this month, the 1.6-million member American Federation of Teachers reinforced support for the Common Core through a resolution approved at its national convention (Read the AFT resolution here:  http://www.aft.org/about/resolution_detail.cfm?articleid=19597).

The resolution states: "AFT believes in the promise and potential of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) but is deeply disappointed in the manner in which they have been implemented and the lack of shared responsibility among too many governors, chief state school officers and policymakers who have ignored the voice of practitioners who are vital to the successful implementation of the standards."

Contrary to Huffman's and Thompson's misstatements, Cropper said, "Teachers overwhelmingly believe the Common Core is a better way of instruction. Teachers who are already using the new standards in their classrooms see that students more easily learn the material, retain it and apply it in other aspects of their learning."