Lawmakers should concur on HB 2 to create charter accountability #concurHB2

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Lawmakers should concur on HB 2 to create charter accountability

Accountability proposal is a serious effort to protect taxpayers, children

Senate Bill 148 is a move in the right direction to protect Ohio taxpayers and children from continued financial missteps and academic failings. The Ohio Federation of Teachers supports the language in SB 148 to establish accountability for Ohio's long-failing charter school system. SB 148 was amended into HB 2 and passed the Senate unanimously. We urge the House to concur. #concurHB2

"For more than a decade, a lack of accountability for how Ohio's charter schools are operated has contributed to the system's vast failure, both academically and financially. We fear that a lack of accountability has also bred fraud and corruption as evidenced by years of news reports and court findings, including state audits," said OFT President Melissa Cropper. "Scams and utter failure must be halted by holding these charter school operations accountable for results and the public dollars they receive from the state."

"Allowing these charters - many that are run for profit - to continue to provide failed academic experiences for our children is a massive mistake. The Senate's action with SB 148 is a strong and meaningful step toward correcting that mistake and protecting taxpayer dollars."

SB 148/HB2 include several provisions that are likely to improve charter schools, leading to higher academic outcomes if the House concurs on HB 2.

"This is an opportunity to elevate Ohio from the intolerable reputation of being the out-of-control, free-for-all wild, wild west of charter schools," Cropper said. "It is an effort to make sure that educational options for our children are improved and that every taxpayer dollar is used wisely."

Cropper said it is important to note that this charter school accountability legislation was designed in a bipartisan manner with both Democrats and Republicans, House and Senate leaders working together to do what is in the best interests of children.