Gov. Kasich uses state budget to erase our children from top state priorities

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K-12 funding is lowest percentage of state budget in 35 years

Statement by Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper

"The state budget proposed by Gov. Kasich falls drastically short of meeting the needs of our children in Ohio. Children bring to schools in rural, urban and suburban neighborhoods deeper and deeper needs caused by poverty. The governor's decision to cut taxes for the wealthy while underfunding our schools harms our children. The effects of poverty constantly expand the need for more and more physical and mental health services for our children, nutritional services because hungry children are less focused on learning, services to address social emotional needs and opioid addiction."

"What happens in the lives of children, in their families and neighborhoods impacts their performance in school and whether they are able to focus on learning. Schools cannot increase their ability to overcome the effects of poverty when the state continues to decrease its share of funding for public education.

"Kasich proposes 24 percent of his general revenue fund go to public education. That's a dramatic drop from 1982 when 38 percent of the general revenue fund supported schools."