Call Governor Kasich and tell him to veto SB 329

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(Dec. 8, 2016) - Teachers add their voices today to vast opposition to the Ohio House of Representatives' move to harm thousands of Ohioans by eliminating state agencies that provide important services. 

Senate Bill 329, the agency sunset review bill that had been rumored to have died due to lack of interest, reared its ugly head again yesterday in the legislature's lame duck session. The bill is expected to quickly move to the House floor today.

SB 329, the extreme Sunset Commission bill, could eliminate entire state agencies through simple inaction. It could impact thousands of Ohioans who rely on the services Ohio's state agencies and public workers provide. Simple inaction by a committee of legislators could eliminate a state agency. 

"In deciding how to vote on SB 329, House members should consider that many of the services that could be eliminated by this bill help battle poverty. Poverty harms Ohio's children, our families and communities," said OFT President Melissa Cropper. "Could the agency the House eliminates be one that provides services to your family, your neighbors, or your community? 

The Ohio Federation of Teachers encourages members of the House to reject this effort to take away important services from Ohio citizens.

If passed, OFT will encourage Governor John Kasich to do the right thing and veto SB 329. Not only would it thwart his executive powers, it would hurt Ohioans in need, create more government gridlock, hold state services hostage and duplicate checks and balances already in place. 

OFT will join those urging people to contact Governor Kasich at 614-466-3555 and tell him to veto SB 329 to protect vital state services.