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Legislative Action

US Senate passes Employment Non-Discrimination Act

The U.S. Senate Nov. 7 passed the Employment Non-Discrimination Act by a 64-32 vote. ENDA seeks to ban discrimination in the workplace against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people so that workers are judged based on their performance. Learn more.

Legislative Scorecards - Did they vote with us or against us?

These Legislative Scorecards show how elected officials voted on issues of priority to members of the Ohio Federation of Teachers. Each vote is logged as a vote aligned with OFT's position or against it. Legislators earned points for each vote in support of the work of OFT members. See how your legislators voted - with you or against you.

Ohio Senate Scorecard

Ohio House of Representatives Scorecard

Legislative Education Group ToolKit (LEGs)

Legislative Education Groups (LEGs) is a member-to-member education and mobilization project sponsored by the Ohio Federation of Teachers to develop a rapid response to policy-making decisions affecting our members at the state and federal levels. Does your local participate?