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Range-finding Committees for English Language Arts

Range-finding committees are necessary whenever a test contains “open-ended” questions which for ELA are essays. Using sample student responses, these committees establish the range of acceptable responses, from no credit to partial credit, to complete credit. Range-finding committees make recommendations to the Department to ensure all written-response test questions are scored accurately, fairly, and consistently.

Committees are specific to each Ohio’s state test in ELA (e.g., Ohio’s State Test in Grade 5 ELA or ELA II End-of-Course Test). Ohio educators who serve as assessment committee members represent the diversity of Ohio’s schools and districts: public, nonpublic, career technical, urban, suburban, and rural. Some may work in higher education or serve in school districts as curriculum specialists or administrators, but the majority of the committee members are classroom teachers with varied years of teaching experience in the appropriate grade levels and areas of study.

These ELA range-finding committees will convene for a limited series of virtual meetings. They are not ongoing committees. Meetings will be held in January-February 2022 only but will span several days. After you apply to participate on one of the committees, you will be able to indicate which dates you are available to serve. The dates for each of the grade-level meetings are listed below.  

  • Grade 3, Part 1 – Meeting Dates: Feb. 9 - 11
  • Grade 3, Part 2 – Meeting Dates: Feb. 14 - 16
  • Grade 4 – Meeting Dates: Jan. 18 - 21
  • Grade 5 – Meeting Dates: Jan. 31 - Feb. 4
  • Grade 6 – Meeting Dates: Jan. 24 - 27
  • Grade 7, Part 1 – Meeting Dates: Jan. 18 - 21
  • Grade 7, Part 2 – Meeting Dates: Feb. 14 - 16
  • Grade 8 – Meeting Dates: Feb. 7 - 11
  • High School (ELA II), Part 1 – Meeting Dates: Jan. 24 - 28
  • High School (ELA II), Part 2 – Meeting Dates: Jan. 31 - Feb. 4
  • High School (ELA II), Part 3 – Meeting Dates: Feb. 17 - 18

These meetings will be held virtually. 

Please note the following:  

  • All eligible meeting participants will have the cost of substitute teachers directly reimbursed to school districts. Participants will receive reimbursement guidelines at the meeting.
  • These meetings require participants’ full attention and engagement as if it was an in-person meeting. The materials discussed will be secure. Therefore, please be sure you have a secure location in which to work where no one else will see or hear the meeting or the meeting materials and you will be uninterrupted.
  • Participants will receive certificates from The Ohio Department of Education, Office of Assessment, that can be used for LPDC credit approximately 4-6 weeks after the meetings are completed.

Those who are interested in participating on one of the ELA Range-finding committees should complete this application.

Applicants should describe their experience in education, including expertise with Ohio’s Learning Standards in English language arts. Please be sure to identify grade level choice, ELA as the content area assignment, and range-finding as the committee preference. Submit applications by 11 p.m. EST on Sunday, October 31, 2021. Selected applicants will receive notification by the week of November 22, 2021.

Please be sure to include an active email address for notifications. Applications must be fully completed to be considered for participation on a committee. 

Once ODE has received your completed application, you will get a link to indicate your availability. Please indicate at least two days that you are able to attend. Having all committee members attend the entire meeting allows for the best personal experience and the most consistent process, however, we understand that being away from the classroom for several days is not always possible or beneficial to your students.

We hope you will consider participating in this very important work. Your experience and expertise can serve a crucial role in the development of Ohio’s State Tests in English language arts.

If you have any questions, please email the Office of Assessment at

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