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Vote for Michelle Flanigan for STRS Board — Contributing Member Seat

This Spring, STRS Ohio will hold an election for one contributing member seat on the State Teachers Retirement Board. This seat is currently held by Dale Price, who is not running for re-election.

OFT is proud to announce that we have endorsed Michelle Flanigan. Michelle is a Government, Economics and Financial Literacy teacher with 26 years experience. Read more below about Michelle’s experience and her priorities for STRS.

About Michelle 

Michelle has worked as a Government, Economics and Financial Literacy teacher at Brunswick City Schools for the past 26 years. She worked as a financial analyst prior to becoming a teacher. Michelle is also a long-time activist for retirement security and was recognized in 2023 as the Ohio Retirement for Teachers Association’s first “Member of the Month.”

Michelle Flanigan

Michelle's goals as an STRS Ohio board member:

  • For active teachers:  Move the requirement for full retirement as close to 30 years as possible, as soon as possible.  Decrease the 65 years of age requirement for those teachers who attain full benefits by age rather than years of service.  Move to less harsh, actuarially equalized penalties for those who wish to retire early.  
  • For retirees:  Restore a reasonable annual COLA that allows retirees an increase in purchasing power, as quickly as possible.
  • For STRS administration:  Shift away from questionable, high-fee private equity investments.  Reduce unnecessary spending.  STRS exists to pay teacher benefits and this organization needs to refocus all efforts with that goal in mind.

Michelle’s plan to achieve these goals:

  • Begin by asking the actuaries to reexamine assumptions for rates of return, funding goals and timelines.  Slight tweaks to these assumptions could free up funds for benefit restoration.
  • Look at other funds and states to provide examples of investment structures that give the greatest returns for the lowest cost and risk.  There are options if you look for them.
  • Insist upon reductions in administrative expenses and eliminate spending that is not focused on providing teacher benefits.

Endorsed by: 

OFT, AAUP Ohio, and ORTA logos.

Ballots will be mailed on Monday, April 1 to all STRS Contributing members. Keep an eye out for this ballot so you don’t accidentally discard it.

You can return it by mail (postage is prepaid) or you can also vote by phone or online. The deadline for voting is 4:30 p.m. on Monday, May 6.

If you don’t receive a ballot by Wednesday, April 10, or if you misplace or accidentally discard your ballot, you can still vote! Email the Election Services help desk at or call 866-276-1506. Share this information with your colleagues or other STRS contributing members!

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