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OFT Update (e-newsletter) 03.31.15

There is a better solution to ensure that our children are learning and thriving than bombarding them with standardized testing. OFT President Melissa Cropper's blog, Writing the Next Chapter, outlines what OFT is doing and what we recommend as next steps - read this and other news in this edition of the OFT Update.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 01.14.15

Members raising their voices, sharing their stories and ideas helped shape policy last year. Help OFT sustain that momentum by joining these conversations to help policymakers understand how their rules impact your school and classroom. Read OFT President Melissa Cropper's blog to learn how a small step by you can mean a big step for education.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 12.4.14

The State Board of Education will vote in December whether to allow the limination of art, music and physical education teachers, school nurses, counselors and librarians - see this and other news impacting OFT members.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 10.09.14

You decide: Elect those who attack or support you?

Are you tired of being attacked and demeaned? Concerned about high-stakes testing? Tired of constant policy changes that impact your work? This election is your chance to choose between those who attack you or those who support you and your work. Find out how.

Volunteer to inform voters about election options

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 8.20.14

This week's hearings on a bill to scrap four years of progress with Common Core in Ohio have been filled with misinformation aimed at causing fear and confusion. Find out what's happening.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 06.18.14

Learn how to meet the background check deadline or have your certificate suspended, and how the governor went in with legislators on a big gift for campaign donor and charter school mogul David Brennan.

OFT Update (e-newsletter) 06.04.14

Find out how member voices helped quash numerous drastic changes to the teacher evaluation law and learn about additional concerns we must deal with on implementation. Also: David Brennan's newest charter cash windfall.