Educators to McDonald’s: Stop McTeacher’s Nights!

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The Ohio Federation of Teachers joined a national coalition of education advocates, including more than 50 affiliates of the American Federation of Teachers and National Education Association, to demand an end to McTeacher’s Nights. On McTeacher’s Nights, McDonald’s recruits teachers to “work” behind the counter and serve burgers, fries and soda to their students and their students’ families. A small portion of the proceeds is donated to the school in return. The events take advantage of cash-strapped schools and use teachers to sell junk food directly to their students in order to create brand loyalty. 

This is a cheap marketing ploy by McDonald's and we object to the multi-billion dollar corporation exploiting the relationship between student and teacher to make a profit. Tell McDonald’s to stop this exploitation.

We are proud to add out voice to this effort – organized by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood and Corporate Accountability International --  to end a predatory marketing practice that exploits teachers and students.  Now we need your help to increase the pressure on McDonald’s. Will you take a moment to demand that McDonald’s stop exploiting educators’ authority and popularity to lure kids to eat junk food at McDonald’s?


It’s shameful that McDonald’s is using the tragic underfunding of our public schools as a marketing opportunity. Teachers should never be asked to sacrifice their students’ health in order to earn a few extra resources for their classrooms.

Please join us in telling McDonald’s: No More McTeacher’s Nights!  And please let colleagues and friends know about this important campaign.