Bullying prevention resources

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Bullying prevention is the focus of the Ohio Department of Education's updated Safety and Violence Prevention Curriculum. The training was created five years ago in response to legislative requirements that call for all K-12 public school professionals to take the training and repeat it every five years. New employees must complete the training within two years of their date of hire, and every five years thereafter.

School districts and educational service centers may adopt or adapt the ODE curriculum, or work with local public or private child-abuse prevention or intervention agencies to develop their own program. The department’s curriculum was updated to include the newly required topic of human trafficking awareness.

Other resources:

Share My Lesson is featuring information from the Health Resources and Services Administration (a Share My Lesson partner).

The Human Rights Campaign offers a program called Welcoming Schools focused on providing teachers training and options to celebrate diversity in the classroom, recognize bullying, address it and understand the impact.